Magnesium benefits for women


Women and men do have similar physiology. However, women suffer from 78% of autoimmune diseases. The medical community tends to genuflect towards genes being the culprit but if that was the case then wouldn’t males have similar numbers? Various supplements like magnesium can indeed benefits for women.

I discuss the various magnesium forms in this article. In my opinion working with hundreds and hundreds of women, I have found magnesium carbonate to be the easiest on digestion but also delivery effectiveness.

The minerals of calcium, potassium, sodium and magnesium all “hold hands” with their functioning. They can tend to help out when others are low.

When a cell is fatigued it tends to dump magnesium and potassium (intracellular ions). In response it takes up sodium and calcium. This is not an ideal state for the body long term. This is why supplementing magnesium can be very therapeutic and proactive. Not only does it restore energy to the cell but it prevents the uptake of potassium and calcium. Long term intracellular uptake of calcium leads to calcification, and as I’m sure you know calcification has been linked to many diseases such with arteries, heart, vascular system, and breasts. These will be seen on mammograms as white specks often grouped as clusters.

A big plus for magnesium supplementation is the effect it has on the bowel. Magnesium will tend to soften stool and make it easier to ‘keep the freight moving’. Magnesium citrate is the most commonly prescribed supplement in this case but most magnesium will have that effect depending on dosage size. The issue with citrate is it tends to cause stomach pain too with too much so be careful with citrate and slowly increase dose if that’s the preferred kind.

I have a few preferred forms that are evaluated on absorption and least side effects.

Daily movements are important not only regarding bowel diseases but if waste material sits too long it will be reabsorbed and essentially auto intoxicate the person.

Now circling back to what  i mentioned earlier regarding autoimmune diseases

Even though estrogen is present in men, women will have a higher percentage and especially  as they get older because progesterone production slows.

The liver is supposed to eliminate and deactivate 100% of the estrogen it sees where then sends it to the bile and bowel for elimination. as mentioned, if the freight doesn’t move then that estrogen gets recirculated into system.

Estrogen blocks thyroid functioning on almost every level. With a slower thyroid the digestion slows down and the freight tends to slow as well.

Coupled with slower bowel movements from a slower thyroid is lower metabolic functioning and decreased cellular respiration. This decreased cellular respiration leads to lower energy received and produced by the cell.

 As mentioned earlier, this lower cell functioning is a tired, fatigued, possibly excited state for cell and  will cause cells to… you guessed it… dump magnesium

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