Why Women Crave Chocolate


Women craving chocolate should be considered an Universal Law.
You know, like the law of attraction, the law of cause and effect, and the law of losing your luggage on vacation.
If I mention the word ‘chocoholic’ I’m sure you can think of someone or many you know on that list.
Possibly the person in the mirror.
For those aforementioned people the site, scent, or rumor of quality chocolate in the nearby vicinity is enough to turn them into a 4 year old on Xmas eve.
The cravings can be ALL consuming.

Grocery stores around the world have small children unknowingly risking their lives if they happen to be blocking  a shelf that’s presently caring for these glorious bars of chocolate.

At the checkout counter the transaction with the cashier becomes non verbal. The eye contact as the chocolate is scanned conveys a possible loss of limb if she buries it down in the bag with the drab, boring fruit. The scheduled target is then shoved in the purse and passionately inhaled before exiting the parking lot.

Oh the Guilt!

Occasionally magazines, news media or so called friends will shame those reaching for this little block of heaven. But why?

Jealousy must be high on the list of reasons for this chocolate shaming <—- new phrase 🙂

Maybe these misguided souls had a traumatic childhood experience. Perhaps a Halloween encounter involving Willy Wonka and a loss of their candy merchandise has scarred them beyond repair.

Who wouldn’t enjoy this human made nectar?

It’s sweet.

It’s creamy.

It’s tasty.

The stuff melts in your mouth!

Google the name Jeanne Calment who lived to a young age of 122. Check out how much chocolate she ate per week.
Spoiler alert – it’s 2.2lbs! It’s an anecdotal example but if today’s new villain (sugar) is as evil as some gurus or media portray …… 122 seriously!?

Cultural Pressure

I’ve heard females whisper, “I was bad this weekend. I had some chocolate.”

I have my doubts this will qualify for a prison sentence.

But in all seriousness, the cravings have strong roots in the body’s physiology.

All in the hormones

What drives the cravings? I’m pointing a finger at estrogen. Well, really it’s unopposed estrogen.

I can hear women who no longer have a cycle screaming at the screen saying “But…But..”
Sorry to break the news but your body is still producing it. It may be less but every cell has the ability to produce estrogen.

I’ve yet to meet a women who had complete cessation of hot flashes after a hysterectomy ( a topic to be discussed at a later date)

Most females will admit that in the second part of their menstrual cycle a chocolate bar’s life becomes endangered.

Coincidentally, in the second part of a women’s cycle estrogen can be higher in relation to progesterone. Higher estrogen levels have been attributed to blood sugar imbalances.

The composition of chocolate is usually cocoa, milk, and a form of sugar. Quality chocolate leans towards the saturated content. Theobromine which is in the cocoa is recognized to have a stimulating effect on the heart. The copper in cocoa also plays a role in thyroid production. All these ingredients can actually assist with improving energy and blood sugar levels!

The cravings are not a sign of a weakness!

It is not an addiction!

It is not a broken body!

It is not societal pressure!

It is not TV subliminal marketing!

It is the bodies need to self regulate and align with a more homeostatic state.

When cravings hit, chocolate is almost impossible to ignore.
You know, like that passenger who sits too close to you on the plane. The one who wants to talk out their nervous energy but you know what they ate last didn’t include toothpaste nor gum.

Is chocolate evil?

^^^Two words that shouldn’t be in the same sentence.

(No food is evil)

Can it bring some women towards a more preferred state? Most definitely.

Can you eat it in excess? Absolutely – but most foods just like chocolate can be overconsumed. Your waistline will let you know if overconsumption is part of your weekly, monthly, yearly theme.

But in the meantime …..Enjoy:)

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